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A background actor is a performer in a film or television show production, who appears in a nonspeaking or nonsinging (silent) capacity, usually in the background. You probably know them as “extras.” It’s low stress and low risk job. And the best perk of all? Watching the show with friends and pointing yourself out as the third zombie on the right!

It is a paid job – currently in BC $14.60/hr

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Merry almost Christmas!

(FOR NETFLIX TV SHOW IN VICTORIA) We are looking for a couple options for a 2-6 month old baby on January 20, chaperone Covid testing likely January 18 (tentative dates).

If you are interested please send some recent clear and well lit photos and I will submit them in the photocast!

Looking for:

Light coloured hair
2-6 months

This role will be paid the SAE rate - $36.58 (-15% agency fee)

More info below:

Location : VICTORIA (Vancouver Island)

I will arrange Covid tests with production and send the details the afternoon prior. Covid test will be paid 8HRs Union rate. There is also a 7-8am Zoom call on the morning of your first test to discuss Covid Protocols with Warner Brothers. This Zoom is mandatory only once prior to arriving on set, and applies to all future work dates.

Children under 5 years old are not required to Covid test. If the child is under the minimum age requirement for testing, the chaperone will be compensated for their test. Other wise, chaperones are not paid. Chaperones must be +18YRS and can accompany the selected child only on set.

Digital wardrobe submissions are required according to provided wardrobe guidelines. This submission is included in your second Covid test call. More info to follow.

Exact call times and locations are sent out email at the night before each on set date.

Please note, masks are mandatory at all times at the testing location and on set (unless filming).

If interested / available please send to :

First and Last Name of performer:
First and Last Name of Chaperone:
Cell Phone Number:
Baby’s Photo (clear and well lit)
Baby’s height
Baby’s weight
Baby’s date of birth
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***Update*** we found the kid, thank you everyone for your submissions and suggestions!

Hello everyone!

We are looking for a 12-15 years old kid to work on a famous tv show on Monday Oct 26th in Burnaby or New West. This person and their chaperone should be available whole day on Monday as we never know in advance when shooting starts or ends.

Performer and their chaperone would need to attend covid test TODAY in Burnaby. It’ll be paid as well. They are testing till 7 pm today.

Please email me first and last name, age, photo of the kid and cell phone number of parent/chaperone to
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Hello all! VAN HELSING is heading to KAMLOOPS!!!

If you have Friends or Family in the area PLEASE spread the word!


Please get in touch if you fit the requirements below:

-You’re a Kamloops local

- You have transportation and are able to get to Tranquille
(possibly very early in the morning)

-You must be 18 yrs old or older

-You’re available for at least a few dates between March 23rd and April 3rd

(You need to be available to stay for the entire day when you work, as extra work could be 10 hours or longer.
i.e, you can’t have another job during the days you work or any appointments)

-You must be a BC Resident, you will be asked to provide proof of residency

Payment Info:
$13.85/hr - $20/hr
(dependent on day of work)

To Apply:

Please send us:
* a recent Selfie or photo of you,
* your contact info,
* and the location you’re coming from
* and how you’re planning on getting to set,

to this email address: with subject "Kamloops local"
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Hello everyone! We are looking for TWINS OR TWO SEPARATE BABIES, for two dates to work in March (must be available BOTH days).

Searching for Two Male Caucasian Babies between the ages of 15 days – 3 months.

In the scenes, a couple is cradling their baby on a couch, the baby is later seen sleeping in his mothers’ arms.

In another scene, the baby is at a court house and handed from his mother to a caregiver. He then held by a lawyer who is defending his parents.



If interested and available send baby's first and last name, date of birth, height/weight, clear and well lit photo of your baby/babies, parent's name and cell phone number at with subject "MALE CAUCASIAN BABIES"

Please spread the word!
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