All Stars Talent Agency while engaging background performers into work in tv shows and movies in Vancouver and Abbotsford uses definition of “booking” provided in Master Production Agreement between Union of BC Performers and productions.

Such Agreement defines “booking” as verbal or written notification to a Performer and verbal or written acceptance by him/her of an engagement on a definite or approximate date or dates. This Booking creates the obligation upon the Producer to engage the Performer, and the obligation upon the Performer to carry out the engagement.

Usually booking process starts with Availability Inquiry – an approach to a Performer regarding his/her interest and/or availability for an engagement. After background performer’s availability is confirmed then next stage “booking” is performed.
Please note, that castings not considered background performers “booked” until they send final confirmation of engagement, which usually being sent the day before an engagement.

For further details please see Master Production Agreement between Union of BC Performers and productions on UBCP web site at